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Backrefiling / BRF

Heilpraktiker - Wietze - Celle - Sven Bruns - Pixabay

Behavior analysis for reconstruction of a biometric profile
– Building and displaying biometric profiles using behavioral analysis –

What is Backrefiling (BRF)?

Backrefiling is a process for reconstructing the biometric profile of an unknown individual by utilizing their behavioral patterns and existing knowledge to create a retroactively realistic phantom image (profile).

How is Backrefiling structured?

BRF integrates various scientific disciplines, including psychosomatics, communication theory, psychology, biology (particularly embryology, ontogeny, phylogeny), temperament theory, and physiognomy.

What are the advantages of Backrefiling?

Backrefiling serves as a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies in profiling. Likewise, human resources departments can benefit from this method in identifying and acquiring suitable employees (personnel recruitment).

What are the limitations of Backrefiling?

It’s essential to note that BRF is not intended for identifying or convicting criminals. This task is solely the responsibility of police and judicial interrogations and the legal process.

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